About me - and photography

About Me - and why seeing and listening are important

“It is more important to click with people than to click the shutter.” - Alfred Eisenstaedt


It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see. 

Is there's a difference?  Well yes, there is. 

Seeing is more than just looking. It's recognising the potential of what is seen. Often the full potential only shines through in the finished article. Realising that potential comes through technical skill, imagination, and experience.



I've been learning to see all my life with interests in art and of course photography. In recent years I discovered the wonderful colours and textures of fused glass. It all helps with seeing; making new discoveries that I can apply.  My technical background has helped me get the best out of photography. And my time learning at Rocky Mountain School of Photography in Montanna, USA, helped to hone my photography skills even more. 



Listening is just as important. Listening to what the customer wants is essential.  It's what helps the photographs tell the story.

The brief can be very specific if you know exactly what is needed. More likely though you have a rough idea but you aren't sure how to achieve it. That's where seeing what's available to start with, and its potential, comes into play. The end result will be strong photographs that are relevant to the story you are trying to tell. Mixing a highly technical approach, with creativity and the client's commercial outcomes in mind, I can capture powerful shots that create an equally powerful sales tool.

There are ways in which I can help you with photography. Go to Ways I Can Help to find out more!


The Other Me

It's the same "me" of course, but on a different web site. www.davidjamesgough.com is where I have my personal photography projects, blog posts about photography, and details of courses for those wanting to learn more about this wonderful medium.


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