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“Photography helps people to see.” – Berenice Abbott

There are several ways that photography can help tell the story of your business. Which options suits your business?


You need unique photographs for your business?

Unique images help enormously if you want to tell the story of your business. They can be used on web sites, and on any printed material. 

Hiring a professional photographer to work with you gives images of a very high quality, on message, and in the right format.  It also saves you time and effort, not to mention frustration.  One of the first things I'll ask is where they will be used and what shape is the space allocated to them - do they need to be square, or perhaps a typical photo shape, or maybe long and thin to fit into a website theme? With this information in mind I can compose the shots accordingly so they fit the bill. 

You need general images but can't find what you want?

There are many libriaries of images that you can purchase from but they are designed to appeal to a wide audience. If you do find what you are looking for everyone else can use them too, including competitors. Why not commission a set of dedicated images taken on your premises and which reflect you and your company - and they won't be used by anyone else - your own private stock selection. Images will be sized for web use as well as for use in print.

(Note that images found in a web search aren't "free" and will actually be owned by someone somewhere. Using copyright images without permission could land you with a hefty bill!).  

You need to take photographs yourself but can't get them right?

Sometimes it is impractical to call in a photographer for every single item, but you still need a good image for social media for example. Suppose you make bespoke party and wedding cakes for a living. You can't wait around for a photographer to call each time you make a wedding cake, but a quick snap with your phone camera may not do it justice (likely down to all that white icing and a glaring flash on your phone or camera). And if not cakes, what about other things you make and sell online? I can tailor a workshop to your exact needs to give you the confidence when making photographs yourself.

You photograph property? 

Maybe you need to photograph property. As with anything, the better the image the more appealing it becomes. Whatever your market the quality of property photographs can go a long way to promote a sale. If you aren't sure how to get the best images or need advice on what equipment to buy I'll be happy to help and advise.

Video is a powerful marketing tool!

While high quality still photographs are a great way to promote your business you may find that video is also a very useful medium. A video could be a simple talking head video for your web site or a more detailed one to illustrate your work. It could even be tool for your sales force to show to potential customers. Please call to discuss your requirements. 

Photographs create a great first impression!

While we're on the subject of photographs for business there's anther way photographs can help create an excellent first impresson with potential customers as soon as they walk in the door. Just step outside a moment then walk back into your business reception area and try to see it through the eyes of a first time visitor.  Sit down for a minute if you have a chair there. While you breeze through to your desk each morning, your customer will likely sit there for a few minutes while they wait for you to go and meet them.  What do they see? A tired rubber plant in the corner? A few certificates on the wall? Boxes stored there because you've not moved them? Is that the impression you want them to take away?

Now imagine instead they see large, attractive photographs of your production line, or the products you make. Or even a single picture that fills the whole of the wall and shows them what goes on inside? You could even add a screen to show that sales video. Quite a different impression you'll agree!

Want to know more? 

To find out what's involved you can read more here.


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