An outline of the process

What to expect if you ask me to help

"The art of photography is all about directing the attention of the viewer". - Steven Pinker

What to expect - producing great pictures for your business:

  • We'll have an initial phone conversation to get an outline. For example, you might have a new web site under development and need fresh photographs of your business. Or you might be planning some printed marketing material. Or even a short video.
  • We'll discuss the message you want to convey - your story - so that the results match the rest of your marketing message.
  • I'll ask what size and shape any photos need to be to fit in with the design (I'm happy to speak to your web designer if you wish).
  • If necessary I'll come out and visit you first to make sure I understand exactly what you want. 

Once I have all the information I'll be able to give you an estimate that will cover the photography, whatever post processing is needed back at base, preparing the photographs to the size and format required, and uploading them so you can download and save them. If you want them on a disc I can do that too. It will also include any travel costs (if you are some distance away).  Any additional expenses such as special equipment hire or overnight stays will be at cost. So providing nothing changes in the brief you'll have an excellent idea of what is involved. 

Once we've agreed the details I'll arrive at the appropriate time and date and get to work. 

While on your premises I'll keep you informed and cause as little inconvenience as possible. (Not that I want to tempt fate or anything but I am fully insured, of course). 

The resulting photographs will be supplied in whatever format we agreed at the outset (typically a set for web use and a corresponding set for print use). Though I will retain copyright (unless agreed otherwise) the photographs will be licensed for you to use in your company as you wish.

The turnaround time will depend on the number of photographs and whatever I need to do with them afterwards. This could even be the same day for a small rush job, though typically a day or two is typical and we'll have agreed on that at the outset. Video editing takes a little longer of course.


What to expect - advice or training:

Again, there'll be an initial phone conversation to get an outline of what you need. 

Once I have all the information I'll give you an estimate to cover whatever is needed. If training is involved I'll provide handouts at the time and supply any necessary additional equipment. If it is advice you are after I'll confirm the details afterwards in a report. 


So what do you get when you employ a professional photographer? You get unique, relevant, high quality photographs, in the right format, that match the story you want to tell. You also avoid a lot of frustration!

As a bonus, the level of equipment used professionally is typically much higher which also adds to image quality. And then theres the creative vision of the photographer to interprest the brief in a way that meets your needs.

To find out how I can help you tell the story of your business just give me a call, or use the form on my Contact page and I'll get right back to you. 


Take a look at the Gallery for examples.


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