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Want to improve your photography?

“It's not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see” — Henry David Thoreau
Photography can be a wonderul interest that opens up a wide range of possibilities. And while much of this website is about photography for business that's not all. I get great pleasure leaving the "big cameras" behind and going off to make fun photographs and videos with an iPhone or a smaller camera I always have with me. 
I also enjoy sharing my knowledge of photography with others. So if you are stuck with your photography, or not even sure where to start I'll be happy to help.


Mine is not a one size fits all approach. We'll start by talking about where you are in photography and where you'd like to be. I don't bite and I don't charge for an initial chat. My aim is to find out what information you do need to help you along so I can avoid the bits you don't need just now.  I want to help you, not confuse you.
After an initial chat to find out where you are, we'll agree on the things you might need to know to meet your need. The sort of things we might cover are:
  • what sort of camera to buy and what all the bells and whistles do once you've bought it
  • the main features of a camera and how they balance each other out
  • how to compose a shot to make it interesting
  • how to play with the light to get pleasing results
  • how to get the information from the camera onto a computer - and how to back it up so you don't lose the photographs!
  • advice and help on what computer program you might use to edit a photograph
  • and so on... 
This can be on a one to one basis, or something you share with one or two friends. From time to time I'll offer open classes for a group of people. 

If you are interested in improving your photography just give me a call (my number is 07977 142146 and it's also on the Contact page). 


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